Sunday 4 December 2022

Goslar Campaign Day 7

7 June 1813 – Northern Germany – Day 7


French retreat and abandon Goslar and Liebenburg

In the north French abandon Liebenburg

In the centre French abandon Goslar

In the south Prussians occupy Osterode

Prussians win Goslar campaign




Before the battle of Osterode things were looking bleak for Napoleon.

However he still held the three western towns of Leibenburg, Goslar and Osterode.

Both armies were weary after six days of hard fighting

However the French had taken the brunt of the damage.


Murat’s report made it clear that he had suffered a dramatic defeat at Osterode

Half of Third Army was in rout, the remainder in retreat.


Napoleon issued orders for First Army to hold Goslar and Second Army Liebenburg

Murat was to rally west of Osterode and prepare to counter attack


However on the morning of 7 June he received reports that the entire Prussian army was advancing

Blucher ignored his low supplies and heavy battle casualties

He could clearly see that one more push would force Napoleon to retreat

At first light he led his entire army west towards Goslar


Even Napoleon now had to admit defeat

His army was outnumbered three to two

His right flank had routed

If he tried to fight again he would almost certainly lose the entire French Army of the North

He ordered a general retreat and abandoned Goslar and Liebenburg


The Prussians had won the Goslar campaign.



  1. Thistlebarrow,

    What an interesting conclusion to the campaign. It was good to see that the normally all-conquering French Imperial Guard were unable to stem the Prussians.

    Where is the campaign going next?

    All the best,


  2. Hi Bob

    Thanks for your comments

    It does seem strange that Napoleon performed so poorly in this campaign, particuflarly as his Imperial Garde are better quality that any of the Prussian corps. Mind when the two armies are compared there are just as many Prussian elite brigades as French ones. But I would still have expected the Garde to do much better in their battles.

    I must do some research and compare the performance of Napoleon against Blucher throughout the whole 1813 campaign since in began in 2009.

    The next campaign is in sunny southern Spain. Looking forward to taking on those guerrillas again.




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