Sunday 30 June 2019

1813 Salzwedel Campaign Maps

Campaigns fought in Germany

The three campaign areas in Germany are shown on the map above.
Each area is outlined in white.
The stars show where each campaign phase was fought
The colour of the stars indicate which side won that phase.
Salzwedel will be the 19th campaign fought in Germany
This is the seventh campaign fought in northern Germany.
The French have won four of the previous phases and the Prussians two.
Salzwedel Campaign Map

This map is used for campaign movement and in the campaign diary blog.
The location of each corps and depot is shown at the start of the campaign
The campaign objective is for the French (blue) to take Salzwedel (centre top)

The Prussian Army (grey) is deployed over a wide area
This is partly to cover all possible roads open to the French
But also to feed the four Prussian corps
There are four Prussian depots
Each will provide one days supplies for one corps per campaign day

The French Army (blue) is more concentrated
The initiative to attack lies with the French
Napoleon has placed one corps on each of the three roads leading north
His reserve corps has to provide the garrisons for each of the four depots
This leave only one cavalry brigade and corps artillery as army reserve.

Salzwedel Wargame Map

This map is used to create the wargames table from the Campaign Map
It contains the same information as the Campaign Map
But each square looks just like the 2x2” square on the wargames table
Each square has a number top right, which is the same as the table square
Towns are shown as either fortified or open
Farms and villages have a number to ensure the correct models are used
The shape of the hills are the same as on the wargames table

When a battle is declared in the campaign I note the squares on the campaign map
I then hand draw the nine squares from the Wargames Map noting the number
There are 23 2x2” wooden squares corresponding to those on the Wargames Map
They are stored underneath the wargame table
With my hand drawn map I can make up the table in 15 minutes
Corps are placed on the table as shown on the Campaign Map