Sunday 29 January 2017

In The Dark

Photo without flash

For the past few days we have had very unseasonable weather here in the Costa Blanca.   First heavy snow, last seen in this area in 2005.   This was followed by two days of heavy rain, thunder and lightning.   Not unknown, but unusual to last so long.   

As a result we also had frequent power cuts, some lasting for hours at a time.   I know that this is pretty small beer for some of you who live in more challenging locations.  But for Southern Spain it is pretty unusual.

Kept at home by the weather and bored with daytime TV we decided to have a wargame to pass the afternoon.  With no heating we wrapped up and headed for our wargames room.  

Halfway into our first more the lights went off (see photo above).   But by now we carried torches with us all the time, so we were able to complete the move by torchlight.

Photo with flash

Having completed one move we were returning to the sitting room, when the lights came on again.   Another power cut as we were about to start a second move decided us to abandon play for the day.

It is surprisingly difficult to wargame in these circumstances.   Although possible to see a small area, it was hard to keep control of the whole army.   Perhaps this might be a good idea to create “fog of war”?