Sunday 31 March 2019

Albacete Campaign – Day 1

Campaign Map on 8 September 1813
Suchet opens the campaign with an attack on Ropar.

16th Italian corps have 4 infantry, 1 cavalry and 1 artillery brigades
3rd Spanish corps have 3 infantry and 1 artillery brigades
There are also 3 militia brigades in the area, but not part of 3rd corps

The Italians win the battle.

Move 9 of Battle of Riopar
The Italians ignore the two guerrilla bands
They use their cavalry to pin the Spanish artillery
And all four infantry brigades to attack the village and supports

Spanish artillery fire on the Italian gunners at long range
A very lucky dice throw inflicts 10% casualties

The Italian infantry inflict 10% casualties on two Spanish brigades

The Spanish retreat before the Italians can engage them in hand to hand combat

Campaign Notes
The Italians have won the first battle of the campaign
But they have failed to do much damage to the Spanish corps
They have also allowed them to retreat

The two Spanish infantry brigades will be slightly weaker in future
But the Spanish have infantry to spare
It will not take long for 3rd Spanish corps to recover and take the field again

The Italians have only suffered 10% artillery casualties
But this will also remain for the duration of the campaign
It will reduce their combat and morale ability in this vital arm

The Italians had a full corps against one of the weaker Spanish corps
Despite this they failed to inflict serious damage and allowed them to withdraw