Saturday 27 February 2016

Scope of Solo Campaign

Campaign areas in Germany and Spain

It was my intention to campaign just one of the five available campaign areas at a time.   This would allow me to concentrate on the detail of the two armies involved.   However it did not take long to discover that just one campaign area would not provide enough battles to wargame.

During the PBEM campaign all five campaign areas were gamed at the same time.   This ensured that there was always at least one battle waiting to be gamed.    Sometimes there would be three or four waiting at the same time.   The result was that we never ran out of wargames.

I started the solo campaign with the Brunswick campaign.  This is set in northern Germany and has one French army attacking the Prussian Army.   The first battle was produced on day two of the campaign.   So far, so good.

But the campaign then had to be halted to allow us to fight the battle.   And I could not work towards the second battle until the wargame has been completed.

So I have decided to run all five campaign areas at the same time, just as I did in the PBEM campaign.   To do so I have to make four more campaign maps and produce the orders of battle and other administration.

After a busy week I have completed two more campaigns, both in Germany.

The Gotha campaign will pit the second French Army against the Russian Army.

The Bamberg campaign will require the Austrian Army to stop the Bavarian Army taking that city.   The Austrians have moved their base of operations from Vienna to Prague.   This will allow me to integrate allied armies in the future, should I wish to do so.

Next week I hope to finish the British and Spanish Armies in Spain.

Meanwhile for the first time in years my wargame table lies empty waiting for the next battle to take place.

Saturday 20 February 2016

Start of Solo Campaign

North Germany Strategic Map

The first campaign phase is set in Northern Germany, and will cover the French attempt to take Brunswick.
Brunswick Tactical Map

The French are deployed to the west of the river Weser, the Prussians to the east of the river.   The map is slightly wider, and covers four cities from east to west.  The previous maps covered three cities, and the centre one was always the campaign objective.

In this solo campaign one side (the Prussians) will be on the defensive.  So the initiative will always lie with the French.   The French have established a bridgehead at Hameln with 13th corps.