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End of Kufstein Campaign

30 May 1813 – Southern Germany – Day 10

Schwarzenberg orders his army to retreat back into Salzburg District

1st army abandon Walchsee and take all supplies with them to Nussdorf

2nd army abandon Sankt Johann and take all supplies with them to Inzell

3rd army abandon Kitzbuhel and take all supplies with them to Schonau


Massena orders a cautious pursuit to occupy the three abandoned towns

7th army occupy, but do not advance beyond, Walchsee

8th army occupy, but do not advance beyond, Sankt Johann

9th army occupy, but do not advance beyond, Kitzbuhel

Location of battles fought during Campaign

There were seven battles fought and the French claimed four

This is because they held the town at the end of the battle

However in at least two of those battles the Austrians defeated them

But they then has to retreat due to supply problems


The three battles the Austrians won were the first three of the campaign

At this time they were close to their main supply depot at Salzburg

It was only when they advanced and lengthened their lines of supply that they ran into trouble

After seven battles both armies had suffered heavy casualties

The French/Bavarian army had suffered considerably more than the Austrians

But as they retreated they were reinforced by the garrisons of the rear area

They were also much closer to their main supply depot at Kufstein

Had Schwarzenberg fought a second day of battle at Kufstein he might well have won the campaign

But at that stage his corps were running out of supplies, and in danger of attrition casualties

When a corps no longer has any supplies it has to immediately retreat until it comes within one days march of supplies

This would have thrown the whole Austrian army into disorder and could easily have led to their complete destruction

To retreat was the right decision, and was surely what the cautious Schwarzenberg would have done in real life

Had it been the French, under command of the more determined Massena, I might well have fought one last battle.

Great campaign and one which would result in major amendments to future campaign phases.

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