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Kufstein Campaign Day 9

29 May 1813 - Southern Germany - Day 9

Massena’s army has sufficient supplies, but also very heavy casualties

7th army resupply and reorganise at Oberaudorf

8th army rally, regroup and resupply at Kufstein

9th army resupply and reorganise at Worgl


Schwarzenberg has four of his six corps out of supply

1st army rally, resupply and regroup at Walchsee

2nd army retreat to Sankt Johann

3rd army resupply and regroup at Kitzbuhel



Schwarzenberg blinked first – but he really didn’t have any choice.


Both armies are shattered and in practical terms no longer operational.

The Bavarian/Baden army has lost more casualties, but are fully supplied

The Austrian army has suffered less, but still considerable, casualties

Most critical four of the six Austrian corps are now out of supply


1st and 2nd Austrian armies are completely out of supply

If they do not immediately rest and resupply they will start to lose casualties due to attrition

At that stage they must immediately retreat until they can resupply

3rd army is fully supplied, but being south of the river Inn is too far away to help


Today Schwarzenberg ordered 1st and 3rd armies to resupply and regroup

2nd army had to retreat to Sankt Johann due to attrition.

However this is only the start

He has accepted that to save his army he must retreat into Salzburg District to rest and regroup


This would be a perfect opportunity for Massena to pursue and smash the already broken Austrian army

However his own army have suffered so many casualties that they are no longer operational

A pursuit is out of the question until he can regroup and replenish his battle casualties


Schwarzenberg deserved to win this campaign.  

He has more operational brigades than Massena.

But no commander can ignore such a dire supply situation

If he does not retreat his army will disintergrate and he will lose everything



  1. Thistlebarrow,

    I’m not surprised that the campaign ended in this way.

    Interestingly, although there was no outright winner, from what I’ve read it certainly seemed quite enjoyable.

    Where are you going next with this? Back to Spain … or somewhere else?

    All the best,


    PS. I’ve only just realised that I’d used the name Schwarzenberg for my Germanic imagi-nation.

  2. Hi Bob

    Thanks for your comment

    Phases ending without an outright winner seem to be something of a trend. It is usually driven by the supply situation, which is particularly difficult for the winning side. Thus they may win the majority of battles, but find themselves running out of supplies which force them to retreat before they can take the campaign objective - the other sides main city/depot.

    Fortunately the strategic objective of each campaign phase is only that - an objective. Each phase is stand alone, so the final outcome is not of any great importance. The important part of the campaign is to provide interesting and challenging wargames for Jan and I to play. And in that respect the campaign is a great success.

    Next campaign are is north Germany. Not sure where yet, but probably in the Harz mountains. If so lots of difficult terrain to fight over. And, of course, there will be Napoleon and his Imperial Guard!

    Schwarzenberg is a great name for an imagi-nation. Apart from being a famous Austrian general, it is very German sounding and very distinctive.

    best regards



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