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Start of Goslar Campaign Phase

Map of Europe showing military regions and location of campaign phases


This will be the 83rd campaign phase since the 1813 campaign started in April 2009.

The location of each phase is shown on the map above, the colour indicating which side won.

There have been six revisions of the campaign since then, and each one resulting in new maps

Consequently many areas have been fought over more than once.

This is the current map, showing the military regions throughout Europe.

Goslar is the white star in northern Germany.


I try to make each campaign phase slightly different from the previous one

This is not as difficult as it may sound, because there are lessons to be learnt from each phase

The major difference in this campaign is an increase in the number of corps taking part

Campaign map showing location of each corps at the start of the campaign


Each side is now an army group of three armies

Each army has three corps.

You can see a full order or battle on the 1813 campaign blog here       

This is an increase of three corps per side.

It will result in much larger battles, and more crowded wargame tables

Previously, with two corps per army, there was a large gap on the wargames table

I had to allow CinC to create a reserve to fill this gap

The new order of battle will allow one corps for each of the three scenic squares

It will also allow the CinC to create a larger reserve of artillery, cavalry or infantry.


In theory this should result in more interesting wargames, which is the aim of the campaign

But I will reserve judgement until I have play tested a couple of campaign phases.


It will also mean a reorganisation of the supply system.

In my earlier campaign phases most battles had only one, or possibly two, corps per side

The supply system of one days supply for each town held was designed to cater for this


Each corps starts the campaign with four days supplies, with one more day in each town held

A corps must be within one days march (three campaign squares) to resupply

With six corps, and six towns on each side, this worked well

But with nine corps per side, and still only six towns, it does not


The new supply system will remain the same.

Each town will receive sufficient supplies for one corps for one day

Corps must still be within one days march to receive supplies.

But the two regional capitals (Goslar and Dessau) will receive four days supplies each day

So the combined supplies will be sufficient to replace the total used each day

But a more complicated supply distribution system will be required.


To allow for this it will no longer be necessary to detach infantry brigades to garrison towns

Except in Spain, the garrison will no longer be shown on the campaign map

Nor will they take part in any wargame involving a town, unless I introduce sieges.


On the map the French (left) are dispersed to receive supplies for all six towns

The Prussians (right) are concentrated on the border to attack.

You will see that all nine French corps are within one day’s march of a depot

The Prussians are only within one day’s march of the three forward towns/depots


Each army has a campaign area three squares by twelve squares

Each army has two towns to supply three corps

So each CinC will have to organise a constant movement of supplies to his forward depots

The Army Group commander will have to distribute the extra supplies from Dessau and Goslar

It sounds quite complicated even before the campaign starts

Imagine how difficult it will be when corps move even further from their main depot

Or when a large supply is lost when a town is taken and the enemy secure the supplies there.


Once more it all works in theory, but game play will soon highlight any problems.


I am really looking forward to this campaign to see how these major changes work out


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