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Kufstein Campaign Day 4

24 May 1813 - Southern Germany - Day 4

Marshal Massena moves to support Sankt Johann

7th army retreat to Oberaudorf

8th army attacked at Sankt Johann

9th army deploys in front of Worgl


General Schwarzenberg continues to attack

1st army occupied Walchsee

2nd army attacks Sankt Johann

3rd army redeploys to attack Worgl

Move 4 - Austrians prepare to attack

Austrians take Sankt Johann and rout three brigades defending town

Baden corps (left) is broken and routed

Bavarian corps (right) hold hill but fail to support garrison

Bavarians lose 5 infantry, 2 cavalry and 1 gunner casualties (2300 men)

Austrians lose 2 infantry and 2 cavalry casualties (1000 men)


This game was interesting because Sankt Johann is a walled town.

This makes it particularly difficult to storm, unless the garrison is weakened first.

The Bavarian commander (Jan) had taken command of the town, and reinforced the militia garrison with two elite infantry brigades.   This would be a very difficult nut to crack.


The Austrian commander (me) created a reserve of two elite grenadier brigades in the centre.

3rd corps would attack on the right, 4th corps on the left.   The reserve would support whichever one had the most success.

Move 12 – end of game

3rd corps (on the right) lost the opening cavalry melee and had to be content with pining 11th Bavarian corps.   4th corps (on the left) won their cavalry melee and went on to rout 12th Baden corps.

At the end of move 9 the artillery of both Austrian corps deployed within close range of the town and opened fire on the garrison.   At the same time the reserve infantry closed to skirmish with the garrison.   The militia brigade (left half of town) were soon shaken, and then routed by the Austrian grenadiers.   The elite brigade (right half of town) held out until the end of move 11.   They suffered 20% casualties and were being replaced by the third brigade, when the second Austrian grenadier brigade stormed and routed them both.

Even at close range it requires a total of 6 with 2D6 to cause 10% casualties to the garrison.   Infantry require 6 to cause the same casualties by skirmish fire, and they can only fire alternative rounds (they lose minus 1 for firing last turn).   So I was surprised that I was able to take the walled town.  I expected a draw, with the Bavarians holding the town but having suffered heavy casualties and having to retreat. 

Another interesting game, and the campaign is going very well for the Austrians.


  1. Thistlebarrow,

    A very entertaining battle report, and the capture of the walled town was an interesting phenomena one doesn’t often see during a wargame. The Austrians seem to have the bit between their teeth and I suspect that the French will do all they can to take back anything lost by their side. The situation seems to be developing very nicely and one wonders if future clashes in this campaign will have as favourable a result for the Austrians.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Bob

      Nice to hear from you again.

      The Ausrians are doing very well - so far. But early success does carry a "sting in the tail". As the victor advances his lines of supply lengthen. As the loser retreats his become easier, and he can take more advantage of his town garrisons. It then becomes a balancing act between the higher casualties of the losing army, and the increasing resistance and supply problems for the winning one. Going on previous experience if the Austrians continue to win they will smash the French/Bavarians before the supply problems overwhelm them. But if they suffer one or two defeats it usually results in both armies getting bogged down. When that happens the one with the longer lines of supply usually has to retreat to consolidate, leaving the "losing side" the actual winner of the campaign.

      best regards



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