Sunday 6 June 2021

Branau Campaign – Day 8

7 April 1813 - Southern Germany - Day 8

The Austrian supply system is improving

Only 1st Austrian army is still short of supplies


In the north 7th Bavarian army rally and regroup

1st Austrian army must resupply before they can resume offensive operations


In the centre 8th Bavarian army retreat behind Markl, but continue to garrison the town.  2nd Austrian army regroup and resupply


In the south 9th Bavarian army regroup behind the river Inn

3rd Austrian army redeploy in preparation for an attack over the river   


The situation for the Bavarian army is now desperate.

They have been pushed back to the eastern towns of Falkenberg, Markl and Burghausen.   They have also suffered considerable battle casualties, and urgently require reinforcements.  However these only arrive at the rate of 400 infantry or 100 cavalry or gunners per corps per day.

The Austrian army has also suffered heavy casualties, though not as many as the Bavarians.   Their major problem is resupply.

By moving supplies forward from the main depot at Altheim they are gradually improving the situation.   One more day and all three armies should be ready to continue operations.

In the south 3rd Austrian army is the strongest of the three.   However they are faced with the most difficult operation, attacking across a defended river line.   In preparation they move forward to the river, and reorganise.   General Merveldt combines both cavalry brigades to form a cavalry reserve.   His plan of attack is to pin the enemy by attacking each southern bridge with one corps.   He will cross the northern bridge with the cavalry reserve and attack the Bavarian northern flank.

Both commanders are now running out of time.  They have fought seven battles in eight days and are aware that their men cannot continue for much longer without a prolonged rest.   They anticipate that each of the three armies can each fight one more major battle.

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