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Branau Campaign – Day 9

8 April 1813 - Southern Germany - Day 9

The Austrian supply situation continues to improve

However both armies have suffered heavy casualties

In the north 7th Bavarian and 1st Austrian armies rest and reorganise

In the centre 8th Bavarian and 2nd Austrian armies resupply and reorganise 

In the south 3rd Austrian army attack Burghausen

Battle of Burghausen at end of move 10      

To attack Burghausen, 3rd Austrian army must first cross the river Inn

The river, and the town, is defended by 9th French army

Both armies start the battle with heavy campaign casualties

And the French outnumber the Austrians by one infantry brigade.


The Austrian CinC creates a reserve by taking the cavalry brigades from both corps

He commands the reserve, and crossed the river Inn out of range of the French artillery.   By doing so he pins 18th French corps.


In the south, 5th Austrian corps is the weakest Austrian corps.  They deploy close to the river and pin 9th French army on the hills south of the town.


6th Austrian corps, supported by the reserve, make the attack.   They take the northern half of the town, but are unable to take the other half.


9th French army attack 5th French corps.   Despite suffering heavy casualties they rout the Austrians.


At nightfall both sides are shattered.  However the Austrians have failed to take the town, and their left wing is routed.   At nightfall they retreat back over the river Inn.



Both armies have heavy casualties.  But both have also had time to rally and regroup.   The cavalry have suffered badly, and all four brigades have casualties.


Attacking across a river is always difficult.  In our rules infantry can ford a river at half movement rate, and are disordered whilst they do so.   Artillery and cavalry must use a bridge.   They are always a lot of bridges, so it is possible to attack, but never easy.


It is even more difficult if the defender is stronger than the attacker.   The French have one more infantry brigade than the Austrians.   But they must cover the whole length of the river, whilst the Austrians can choose where to attack.

The French deployed on high ground north and south of the town, within artillery range of the western bank of the river Inn.  Their commander took infantry from both corps to reinforce the town garrison.


The 6th Austrian corps was the stronger of the two, and made the main attack directly against the town.   They were supported by the cavalry reserve.   With a little luck they manged to take the northern half of the town.   But they were too weak to attack the southern half.


17th French corps was strongest.   As soon as they realised that they outnumbered 5th Austrian corps they moved forward to attack.   They suffered heavy casualties, but their cavalry brigade managed to cross by the defended bridge.  They broke the stronger of the two Austrian infantry brigades, and the weaker one joined the rout.   Without infantry support the gunners had to withdraw.


Neither side won the battle.   But the Austrians failed to take the town.   In addition their left flank was broken, and their lines of supply in danger of being cut.   They were forced to retreat and concede defeat.


A very complicated battle, which is quite difficult to describe.  But a really interesting one to game, particularly for me as the Austrian commander.    Jan thought that she had lost the game, because she lost more casualties than me, and had more brigades in rout.   But she has three infantry brigades left, to my two.  And they were in position to hold their half of the town, and even attack the two Austrian infantry brigades left fighting.


Had the Austrians fought a second day, and then lost, they would have been destroyed.   By retreating they still formed a threat to 9th French army, and prevented them moving north to support the remainder of the French/Bavarian army.

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