Sunday 30 May 2021

Branau Campaign – Day 7

6 April 1813 – Southern Germany – Day 7

The Austrian supply situation is still critical

In the north the Bavarians retreat to Falkenberg

In the centre the Austrians attack Marktl

In the south both armies face each other over the river Inn

Battle of Marktl at end of move 10

This is another battle where the winner has lost more casualties than the loser

This time the winner is the Bavarians


The Austrians attack, and must take the town to win the battle


In the north they are too weak to attack, both sides exchange artillery fire

The Austrian gunners lose 10% casualties, but continue to fire


In the centre the Austrian reserve take part of the wood

However the Bavarian garrison advance

This forces the Austrian reserve to abandon the attack on the woods


The battle is decided in the south between 11th Bavarian and 3rd Austrian corps

Supported by the reserve they rout the artillery and infantry north of the woods

They also take the northern part of the woods

But they lose the cavalry melee, and their hussar brigade rout


The Bavarian reserve moves forward from the town

This forces the Austrian reserve to redeploy to meet them

The Bavarian cavalry prevent 3rd corps infantry attacking the woods


At nightfall the11th Bavarian corps retreat to avoid further casualties

12th corps and the reserve also withdraw

But they still hold the town and can claim a victory



The Austrians should have won this battle.

The Bavarians held strong defensive positions in the woods either side of the road

However there was a large gap in the centre

This allowed 3rd corps artillery to deploy within short range of the woods

It also allowed the Austrian reserve of two elite brigades to support 3rd corps


The Bavarians has two infantry brigades in the town

There were brought forward and forced the Austrian reserve to redeploy

11th corps cavalry then charged and routed 3rd Austrian hussars

These actions forced 3rd Austrian corps infantry to halt and form square


11th Bavarian corps broke contact and retreated to the town

12th Baden corps, and the Bavarian reserve, did the same

At nightfall they had taken up a strong position either side of the town

The Bavarians lost 2100 casualties to the Austrian 300 casualties

But they were still strong enough to rally and prevent the loss of the town


Despite much heavier casualties the Bavarians easily won the battle.

Although they had to retreat, the ended in a very strong position.

It would take a determined Austrian attack to dislodge them


A strange result, and a frustrating one for me as the Austrian commander.

Particularly as the Austrians were now almost out of supply

Should they now retreat and resupply

Or risk everything on another attempt to take Marktl?


  1. Thistlebarrow,

    The result of this battle was intriguing, and I felt that it was close to being a draw. It certainly wasn’t a decisive victory for the Bavarians, although the Austrian certainly seemed to underperform. Perhaps the campaign is going to result in a stalemate, with the weaker side occupying the better position, and the stronger side not strong enough to mount a predictably successful attack.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Bob

    The wargames are certainly more interesting, and less decisive, than previously.

    With just one corps per side the outcome was usually conclusive. However with two corps per side it is often a matter of one side winning one wing, and the other the opposite one. This results in a draw, but they are difficult to resolve with a second day's battle.

    Previously when this happened I would just allow both sides to reorganise and redeploy. In doing so they were always in very close contact at daybreak, as they would be in real life. However that does not work well with my wargame rules. Almost always the outcome would be decided by the one with most effective artillery or cavalry.

    My rules work best when the game starts with a gap between the two armies, usually of 24". This is longer than long range artillery fire, or cavalry charge move. So the attacker has to soak up some punishment before the gets to use the advantage of impetus on his charge.

    Despite the above I am very pleased with this campaign phase, which is lasting longer than any previous one.

    best regards



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