Sunday, 17 January 2021

1813 Campaign Blog

For the past few months I have been working on updating the campaign blog.   This was the unintended consequence of introducing military regions. 

I started the blog in April 2009 to record the fictional 1813 campaign.   This was my first attempt to keep a blog, and it has been a constantly changing learning experience.  

I never intended that the blog, or the campaign, should last more than a few months.   It started as a solo campaign, and I planned it to be similar in length to the Waterloo campaign.  I expected that it would provide half a dozen battles to wargame, and that would be the end.

In July 2009 I converted it to a PBEM campaign.   The blog became a major part of the campaign, as it provided the other players with a narrative of the campaign complete with maps, photographs and battle reports.    It also required a new blog.  

From the start I used the blog labels as an index of the blog.   But I thought that I would have to start a new blog for each campaign phase.   It was not until early 2015 that I realised I could keep the same blog going, and also use the labels as an index.  That was when the current blog started, and there have been 681 posts since then.

The index consists of 29 labels

1 introduction to the whole campaign

2 campaign areas

3 introduction to the campaign in Germany

4 introduction to the campaign in Spain

11 to 15 diary of campaign in north Germany

21 to 25 diary of campaign in central Germany

31 to 35 diary of campaign in southern Germany

41 to 45 diary of campaign in north Spain

51 to 55 diary of campaign in southern Spain

You will note that gaps have been left in the numbers to insert new labels should it be necessary.

All of this has evolved over many years, and I had not realised just how much information was contained in the blog.   And worse still how much would have to be updated due to the introduction of military regions.

I have never tried to amend or update the 25 labels from 11 to 55, recording the 42 independent campaign phases.   The campaign has changed greatly, but the changes have not been recorded until the next campaign phase.

But the introduction of military regions has changed the whole structure of the campaign.  Not only all of the maps, but also the narrative and objectives of each campaign phase.

So it has been necessary to change labels 1 to 4 entirely.   And also to replace the introduction to each of the five campaign areas.   This has been a major job, and has taken about four months.

All of them have now been replaced and at last the campaign diary reflects the actual campaign again.

If you would like to find out more about the campaign you will find the blog here        

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