Sunday, 24 January 2021

Valladolid Campaign

Map of Spain 

The next campaign phase is set in Northern Spain.   This is the fourth phase of the Sixth 1813 campaign, it is also the second phase set in Spain.

This campaign will be between the Anglo-Portuguese Army commanded by Wellington and the Fifth French Army commanded by Soult.  

Regions of Spain

This campaign takes place in the Madrid Region.   Valladolid is one of nine districts in this region.   Both armies are tasked to take and hold the city of Valladolid.

Valladolid District

 This map shows the location of both armies at the start of the campaign.  

Red are British, Blue French and Yellow Spanish.   There are nine towns and each one is a wargames table.

 This is the first campaign phase to feature the new six corps per side.   Each army has deployed as a centre and two wings, each of two corps.   The centre is commanded by the CinC (Wellington or Soult).   Each wing is commanded by a senior general.

The three commands have as their campaign objective one of the three towns in the centre of the map.   All three come under the command of the CinC, and he can order any corps to move between commands.   However his initial command is to advance and take the town in the centre.

 Each town has an independent Spanish brigade as a garrison.  When the town is taken by the French, the garrison become a guerrilla band.

 It was difficult to balance the two armies.   The French and British each have six corps, each of one cavalry and four infantry brigades plus corps artillery.   In addition the British have nine Spanish brigades as town garrisons or guerrilla.   They do not come under the command of Wellington, but will fight against the French.   To even the odds I have given Soult four independent infantry brigades to act as town garrisons.   If he wants he can attach them to one of his corps, or to his own headquarters.

It will be interesting to see how the new six corps army works compared with previous four corps army.

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