Wednesday, 17 June 2020

1813 Campaign Maps

Simplified map of Germany showing Military Regions

This is the latest map of Germany, showing the nine regions and 53 districts (top left is open sea).   Each square is a wargames table.

Before this reorganisation each of these squares would have been nine wargames tables.    Each one would have been a stand alone campaign phase.   However when I tried to replicate this again the resulting map was much too large and too complicated.

The result of this change is that each square represents a much larger georgraphical area, as well as a much larger wargames area.

Previous map of Germany showing Military Districts

This is the map used I used during the current campaign.   Each square represented a campaign phase or 9 wargame tables.

In the new campaign each square would represent a 2x2 foot scenic square on the wargames table.   Nine squares (3x3) will represent a wargames table.  Nine squares will also represent a military district.

This map will better explain the major difference between the old and new campaigns. 

I am currently working on how to transfer this new scale and concept from the campaign map to the wargames table.   This is the really difficult part, and has caused me to scrap the previous seven attempts to revise the campaign.


  1. Thanks for sharing your process with us Paul, it's really interesting to follow. I think it's a bold move to basically blow up your campaign and battle scale by a factor of three! It goes to show how 'game design' problems can be overcome by letting go of strict 'simulationist' conventions like particular ground or time scales.

  2. Hi Yuri

    I am surprised how difficult it has been to achieve the higher level of command I am looking for. It would be easy to reverse the campaign and work down from the higher level, but this would detract from the wargaming aspect.

    Any campaign, or indeed any set of rules, is always a balance between ground and time scales. And you soon come to realise that compromise is always necessary. It is easy to get carried away with the process of designing the campaign, or writing he rules. And it is often only when you play test the result that you discover the adverse aspects of the compromise.

    I have always kept the main aim to be enjoyable wargaming. Over the years I have experimented with complex rules and campaigns, but always tired of them in time. However my current game system has lasted since 2009, so it must be right for us.

    I am getting there with the new level of command, and I am really enjoying the challenge.

    We are also enjoying the one off fun games we are playing at present. After the discipline of campaign games it is a nice change to just set up a fun game. Though I am missing the sense of purpose which comes with a campaign game

    best regards



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