Sunday, 14 June 2020

1813 Campaign Maps

Salzwedel Campaign Map

This is the seventh revision during this current attempt to improve the command and control of the overall 1813 campaign.

On the previous six attempts I had tried to make the new system work on the existing campaign maps.  However this has proved impossible.

So for this attempt I have gone back to basics.   I want to keep the wargame maps, and also the maps I used for campaign phases.   The map above is the campaign map for the Salzwedel campaign, the last one in Northern Germany

This is about the right size to use for the campaign diary blog.   Each square is a 2x2 foot scenic square on the wargames table.   The number of the scenic square in shown top right on each square.   There are nine wargame tables on this map, which gives me sufficient space to manoeuvre the eight corps which will fight the campaign.   Most important it is easy to follow what is happening, even on a small screen.

So reluctantly I have decided to remake all maps above this level.

New Map of German Military Regions

The new map looks similar to the previous one.  But there are important differences.

Each square is a wargames table.  

There are now only nine Military Regions in Germany.   

The top three will be north Germany and feature 1st French and Prussian armies
The middle three will be central Germany with 2nd French and Russian armies
The bottom three will be south Germany with 3rd French and Austrian armies

I have also taken a lot of liberties with the actual location of cities.   On the far left are Berlin, Dresden and Vienna, the three allied main depots.   Here they are shown as being in direct line north to south, in fact this is not so.

The same applies to the three on the left hand side.   Osnabruck, Dusseldorf and Strasbourg are the depots of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd French armies.

The three regions on the left will be the home depots of the French armies.    Those on the right the same for the allied armies.  

The campaign will be fought in the three centre regions.   The capitol of each region is shown in the centre of the map.  Again a liberty with the true location of these cities.   But this will make running the campaign much easier.

This map will not be used for the campaign diary blog.  It is only for planning purposes and to help me plan the rest of the maps.

Each of these regions are the same size as the Salzwedel map above.   But they cover a much larger area.   Each of these regions will be the scene of an ongoing series of campaign phases. 

So not only will the maps have to be redone, but the concept of stand-alone mini campaign phases will also have to be updated.

Big job, but at last I feel I am starting to make progress.

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