Sunday, 21 June 2020

Campaign Map to Table

Campaign map of North Germany

This is the first attempt to run a campaign using the new maps, and to transfer a battle from the campaign map to the table.

This map is used for planning, and will be the one I use to introduce the new higher level of command to the campaign.

It covers the area of North Germany which will be used by 1st French Army and the Prussian Army.

Each square is a military district, and will also be a wargames table.   Nine squares (3x3) are a military region.

Arnhem region, on the left, is the staging area of the French Army, and contains their main depot at Arnhem

Berlin region, on the right, serves the same purpose for the Prussian army, and their main depot is at Berlin.

The Prussians have entered Hamburg region, in the centre, which will provoke a French reaction.   They have deployed one corps on the border as a covering force, and to give them warning of a French attack.   Their main strength is in the centre.   This is to enable them to react to any attack, but in particular one on Hamburg.

The French plan is to attack Brunswick (bottom left).   They have deployed one corps in each district along the border, to force the Prussians to do the same and to hide their intention.   3rd French, 4th French and 13th Polish corps will all cross the border at the same time.   Napoleon, with the 1st Old Guard corps, will support the Polish corps to take Brunswick.
Campaign map of Hamburg Region

This is the map which will be used for the campaign movement and diary.  It looks very similar to any of the existing campaign maps.  It is the same size and shows very similar terrain.  It also uses the same sized corps symbols.

The Prussian deployment is the same as on the map of North Germany.   3rd, 4th and 13th French corps are shown just off map and will enter at the start of the campaign.   Napoleon and the Old Guard corps are behind 13th corps.
Wargames map of Hamburg Region

This is the map which is used to transfer the terrain from the campaign map to the wargames table.  It is exactly the same as maps I currently use.   Each square is the same as in the Campaign Map of the Hamburg Region, but it shows more clearly what each 2x2 foot scenic square will look like on the table.  In the top right of each square is a number.   This is the number of the scenic square which will be used to make up the wargames table.

So far all looks quite good.  I think the maps will work, but only play testing will determine the truth.

However I now have a further task.   In the current campaign all of this map would be used to fight the campaign phase.   This was because it covered such a smaller area.  However in this campaign I will have to devise a way of restricting the contest to just the Brunswick area.   Or at least determine the outcome of the campaign phase to the capture of the Brunswick area.  

This will be done by limiting the amount of time both armies have to determine the winner.   At present I am working on limited supply for each army, so that they have perhaps 7 days to take and hold the objective, in this case Brunswick.

This first campaign will quickly determine whether all of this works in practice or not.


  1. Paul,

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your new campaign system works, and what lessons it generates.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Bob

    Me too!

    There will be a lot less detail in each compaign phase
    At present the tactical game is the wargame
    The strategic game is the one off, stand alone, campaign phase

    That will continue.
    But in addition there will be a grand strategic level above the individual campaign

    This will give me a whole new angle on the campaign
    I can make supply and lines of communications much more involved
    I can also incorporate siege into the campaign
    And there will be much coordination between campaign areas

    if, for example, the Prussians in north Germany suffer a comprehensive defeat
    At present they recover completely when they fight their next phase
    But now it could have an influence on the Russian army in central Germany

    I am not sure if it will actually improve the quality and enjoyment of the campaign
    Only time, and play testing, will answer that question

    But if not I can always return to the previous campaign system
    I have kept it all on the computer, so it would not be difficult to do so




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