Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rewrite of Rules

I have just finished a rewrite of the rules, and have published them on the blog.

The rewrite was to include some changes which have crept into our day to day wargaming, but have not been included in the blog rules.

Most of the changes are typing errors, or minor amendments. But there is a new rule, which is Cavalry v Artillery.

This was an oversight when the rules were first written. It was covered in Opportunity Charges, because the only time cavalry charged guns was when they were limbered. We always seemed to avoid charging unlimbered guns. On the few occasions when we did, we used the mechanism of the Opportunity Charge. That is to say we allowed the gunners to evade to a nearby square.

The whole business of reaction was raised during a recent game, and I realised that none of it was covered in the appropriate rule.

When I wrote the rules I tried to include all aspects under one rule. For example I tried to cover all you would need to know about infantry skirmishing in Rule 11. I also wrote the rules so that the sequence was the same as the wargame.

When they were written they were for our use only. They were never intended to be available to the public. But when we started writing battle reports on the blog I published a blog of the rules so that anyone interested could check what the rule actually said.

Now they are visited regularly, and I felt it was time to review and update them. I did this when we were in UK recently. But I updated our own hard copy of the rules. The layout is different on the blog. With the inclusion of a new rule, and slight changes to most of the existing ones, I had to retype the whole blog.

The old errors are corrected, but I suspect I may have included many new ones due to the retype. Time will tell.

There is a link to the rules blog over to the right.

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