Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Why so popular?

For a long time I have had a counter on each blog so that I have an idea how many visitors I get. On this blog, which is by far the most popular one, I usually get 30 to 60 "hits" a day. I have adjusted the counter so that it only records a hit when a new visitor logs in. If the same one skips between blogs it does not count. I was quite flattered that so many people were interested enough to log in each day.

However last week something very strange happened. Six days ago I had 302 hits. I thought it might be something to do with the PBEM campaign I am running on one of the blogs. But two days ago it was 304 and yesterday 515!! Even today it is 57 already, and it is not yet midday.

Obviously I am very pleased with my sudden popularity - but I am also very baffled. There may be a simple reason, perhaps something to do with the counter. But the other blogs all receive their normal numbers of visitors, so perhaps not the counter.

If anyone has any idea I would love to hear it. I appreciate that each of you are not aware that there has been an huge increase in visitors, and would not know why others are visiting. But if you have recently started to look at the blog perhaps you could indicate where you heard about it.

I am sure that we will quickly return to the 30-60 daily hits, so I might just as well make the best of my sudden rise in popularity.

Whatever the reason, thanks for looking in. Its nice to know its not all just for my personal satisfaction and that others find it interesting enough to call in now and then.


  1. I have recently added you to my blog library/index, there :

    this may looks pretentious from me, but this could explain that...

  2. Hi Gregory

    Whether that is the reason or not, thanks for adding me.



  3. I have to admit, I have come across this blog via Greg's rather wonderful site!

    How do you put a counter on your page? I'd be interested to see my "hits"...

  4. Hi Consul

    I got my counter from Amazing Counters. Its free and you can find it at:


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