Sunday 10 December 2023

Landshut Campaign – Day 4

Campaign Map

Austrians attack Essenbach

1st Austrian army – attack Essenbach
2nd Austrian army – reinforce and resupply at Reisbach
3rd Austrian army – regroup and resupply at Muhldorf

7th French army – defend Essenbach
8th French army – reinforce and resupply at Landshut
9th French army – retreat to Dorfen

End of battle of Essenbach

7th Bavarian army are deployed in front of the town of Essenbach, which does not have a garrison. They occupy a strong position with a hill on the left and a farm on the right.

1st Austrian army arrive at the bottom of the table at the start of move 1. On the left 3rd corps has limited space due to the large inn. On the right 1st corps must advance through the large woods. The centre is open and ideal for their attack.

Schwarzenberg leads the Austrian attack in the centre. He has personal command of the 12pdr artillery from 1st corps, plus two infantry brigades. Their first objective is the farm in the centre of the Bavarian position.

On the left 3rd Austrian corps has 6pdr artillery, and are unable to counter the heavier Bavarian 9pdr guns. Their Jager and Grenadier brigades attack and capture the hill, routing the two conscript Bavarian infantry brigades.

On the right 1st Austrian corps has lost two infantry brigades and their corps artillery to the CinC. They struggle to hold the woods, and lose the first cavalry melee. However they rally and rout the Bavarian light horse. They then charge and rout the Bavarian gunners.

2nd corps is tasked with the main attack. They are supported by Schwarzenberg with two elite infantry brigades and 12pdr corps artillery. He opens the attack by taking the farm which dominates the Bavarian centre. 2nd corps then moves forward and routs 20th Bavarian corps


At first sight the Bavarian position seems a very strong one, with the hill on their right and the farm on their left. However they start the battle with 7 infantry and 3 cavalry brigades all having 10% casualties. Most of these are in 19th corps.

The Austrians have 10% casualties in 2 infantry, 1 cavalry and 1 corps artillery brigades. The gunner casualties are in the already weak 6pdr artillery in 3rd corps. This means that the Austrian left is unable to support the main attack. However their two elite infantry brigades do take the hill.

The main attack is in the centre. 2nd Austrian corps is evenly matched by 20th Bavarian corps. Schwarzenberg takes two elite infantry brigades and the strong 12pdr artillery from 1st corps to support the attack in the centre. Even with this strong reserve the battle for the centre is hard fought. The Bavarians hold a strong farm, which dominates their central position. It is only when this is taken by the Austrian reserve that the main attack on the centre can proceed.

For the first six moves the battle is slow and the Bavarians win two of the three cavalry melees. In the seventh move pressure is applied to the hill on the left and the weak 19th Bavarian corps on the right. Both break, and the rest of the Bavarian army are forced to retire.

Yet another Austrian victory, four out of four battles won so far. But this was much harder than the battle casualties on either side would suggest.


  1. Thistlebarrow,

    Another very interesting battle report.

    One feels that the fact that you seem to be having more decisive victories since you changed your rules shows that the improvements have worked exceptionally well, and I hope that you are both enjoying your wargames even more these days.

    Have a great Christmas,


    1. Hi Bob

      Thanks for your comment

      Yes, we both enjoy the game much more, and have decided to keep using the new rules.
      They give a much faster and more enjoyable game, and more important a more uncertain outcome.

      Very happy Christmas to you and your family, and hope you have a less stressful New Year

      Paul and Jan


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