Sunday, 5 February 2023

Merida Campaign – Battle of Manchita

Start of game

15th French army have orders to take the walled town of Manchita

43rd French corps will arrive at the start of move 1

44th Westphalian corps will arrive at the start of move 5

45th Italian corps will arrive at the start of move 5


3rd Spanish army have orders to hold Manchita

7th Spanish corps are in and around the walled town of Manchita

8th Spanish corps will arrive at the start of move 1

9th Spanish corps will arrive at the start of move 5


French army are full strength, but have two infantry brigades detached

Spanish army are full strength, but only 7th corps have cavalry brigade


15th French Army – 10 infantry brigades, 3 cavalry brigade, 3 corps artillery

3rd Spanish Army – 12 infantry brigades, 1 cavalry brigade, 3 corps artillery

Battle of Santa Manchita – Move 12

The battle was won by 43rd French corps

But they could not have done so without the support of 45th Italian corps

7th Spanish corps held the French at bay until the Italians arrived

Their cavalry and artillery forced 7th corps to withdraw

The French then took the town.

The French lost 3 infantry and 4 cavalry casualties (1600 men)

The Spanish lost 9 infantry, 1 artillery and 1 cavalry casualties (3800 men)



The battle started badly for the French, when their cavalry lost the first melee

The town walls prevented the French gunners from being very effective

The infantry could only attack the front of the town


The arrival of 45th Italian corps on move 5 proved decisive

Their cavalry forced the Spanish outside the walls to form square

As their artillery opened fire the squares have to withdraw slowly

This allowed the French infantry to attack three sides of the town at once

The Spanish garrison lost 60% and routed, each French brigade lost 10%


45th Italian corps had open ground between the pass and the farm

So they arrived quickly, and were soon in action in support of the centre


44th Westphalian corps had to cross the hill on the right

This delay prevented the infantry from taking any part in the battle

Their artillery did open fire, but proved ineffective


8th Spanish corps arrived at the start of move one, and has no terrain obstacle

If they were allowed to advance they would prevent French infantry attacking the town

To delay them the Westphalian cavalry had to advance and suffered 10% casualties   


For most of the battle it seemed likely the Spanish would hold the town

They has two of their best infantry brigades in garrison

The town walls would give them added protection against artillery and infantry.


By move 10 their infantry support outside the town had been forced to withdraw

French infantry could advance to attack three sides of the town

The garrison suffered their first artillery casualties just as the French infantry attacked

The garrison was routed with 60% casualties, but the support brigade passed their morale


On move 12 one of the attacking French brigades entered the town

They pushed the broken garrison into the support brigade, who then lost their morale


It is interesting that 9th Spanish corps held against a deployed Italian corps

But 8th Spanish corps broke when attacked by Westphalian cavalry and artillery

One Spanish brigade was shaken when hit by artillery fire

Well placed Westphalian cavalry charged and broke the square

The routed infantry, pursued by the cavalry, broke the nearby artillery

As the gunners routed two nearby Spanish infantry brigades had to test their morale

Both failed, both routed.


The French have won a second battle with most of their army arriving too late to take part.  


  1. Thistlebarrow,

    Reading your battle report gives me the impression that the Spanish had a run of bad luck at one point in the battle that pretty well condemned them to losing against a French-led force.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Bob

      I was surprised that the French could take a fortified town. The walls deduct one for artillery firing on the garrison, and for infantry attacking the garrison. Only one infantry brigade can attack each side of a town. So if the garrison is supported it has a huge advantage over the attackers. However in this game the French had an infantry brigade on three sides of the town, and they get plus two for outnumbering the garrison three to one.

      The campaign is not going well for the Spanish so far, but they have been unlucky. And when the French advance to attack the next line of towns their job becomes much harder. The have to leave infantry behind to hold the captured towns, and there is more opportunity for the guerrillas to attack convoys and garrisons.

      So still some way to go for a French victory


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