Sunday 29 January 2023

Merida Campaign Day 2

10 June 1813 – Southern Spain – Day 2

French attack the walled town of Manchita


In the north 1st Spanish army retreat to Adjucen having lost the battle of Santa Amalia

13th French army have occupied the town and are regrouping after the battle

Spanish guerrilla brigades have been active and have taken the town of Bargas.


In the centre 14th French army have closed up to the border in order to attack San Pedro

2nd Spanish army are taking up defensive positions just west of the border.


In the south 15th French army have attacked the walled town of Manchita

All movement in the mountains is in column of march

Both armies are dispersed and will reach the battlefield throughout the day



The French occupation of Santa Amalia has extended their lines of supply from Bargas to Tomjos

It has also left them open to attack by the Spanish guerrilla.


2nd militia brigade has attacked the convoy carrying two days supplies from Bargas to Tomjos. 

The skirmish is decided by rolling 1D6, which rolled a 3.  

This result caused the Spanish to withdraw without any casualties and the convoy to deliver their supplies to Tomjos.


1st militia brigade attacked the town of Bargas, and were more successful.  

They rolled a 6, resulting in the capture of the town and the garrison withdrawing having suffered 10% casualties.  

It also meant the loss of the two days supplies held there.  

Worse still it will disrupt the supply line from Toledo.   

13th French army will have to take urgent action to reopen their lines of supply


In the south the French have attacked Manchita

Both armies are widely dispersed and in difficult terrain

This will cause delay is some corps reaching the scene of the fighting

It will also mean that those corps will arrive on the table in column of march


It is only the second day of the campaign and already the French are suffering supply problems


  1. Do you base your battles on areas you have hiked or the area in which you live? Just wondered when I saw the names of some of your vilages.

    1. The current campaign maps showing military regions and districts are entirely fictional. The location of the major towns and cities are more or less correct. Though a great deal of artistic licence has been taken to locate the regional capitals. The smaller towns around the cities are taken from a map of Spain. The major rivers are correct, though the towns around them are not. The aim is to create a fictional map of Europe which looks more or less correct. The actual terrain is also entirely fictional and is created using the 2x2 foot scenic squares I use to create our wargames tables. The whole aim of the campaign is to provide interesting battles to wargame, so it is essential that every map square can be recreated on the wargames table. Being very familiar with the actual terrain of Valencia makes me very aware of how difficult it would be to create it on the wargames table.


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