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Gera Campaign – Day 3

3 May 1813 – Central Germany – Day 3

In the north 5th French army attack 2nd Russian army at Naumburg


The rest of the French and Russian corps move into battle positions either side of t he border. 

Battle of Naumburg

The French have both corps in position to attack at daybreak

3rd Russian corps is in postion, but 4th corps is further east

Despite this the French lose the battle


In the north 4th Russian corps arrive in time to halt the French advance

They win the initial cavalry melee, forcing the French infantry to form square

The Russian infantry then advance and rout the three of the five brigades

Only one French infantry brigade, and the artillery, are left to cover the retreat


In the centre both commanders have formed a reserve

The French have two infantry brigades and 7th corps artillery

The Russians have two infantry brigades, one of which is the town garrison

At nightfall the Russians still hold the town, both French brigades have been routed


In the south a long cavalry melee results in a draw with 30% casualties each.

Both corps suffer heavy casualties, but the French hold their position


The Russians still hold the town at nightfall and win the battle.



The first battle of the campaign is the French attack on Naumburg


4th and 6th French armies halt short of the border, to await the outcome of the battle

1st Russian army halts at Jena, also waiting to see  who wins at Naumburg


However 3rd Russian army has moved right up to the border, from where they can attack Saalfeld.


This redeployment moves them out of supply range of their rear depots, who now forward all available supplies to the forward depots.  


After a very hard fought battle the French fail to take the town and retreat.


A disappointing start to the campaign for the French, despite having the element of surprise on their side.

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