Thursday, 27 January 2022

Napoleonic AB figures for sale – British and Portuguese

This is part of a large collection of Napoleonic AB figures which I bought and painted when I joined a club only using 18mm figures.   My preferred scale is 28mm, but I bought and painted these as a project.   They have hardly been used, and I would now like to find a new home for them. 

I have no idea what price to ask, but have been advised that double the price of a new casting would be reasonable.

This offer consists of

6        Generals

12      Riflemen

3        Portuguese Cacadores

8        Hussars

8        Dragoons

16      Gunners and 4 guns

30      Highland Infantry

30      Portuguese Infantry

30      British Infantry Marching

30      British Infantry Standing


Asking price is 530 euro plus post and package

Prefer payment by Paypal



standard      no insurance

UK                25 euro         7-10 days              

EU                25 euro         7-10 days

USA             30 euro         14 days

Australia       30 euro         14 days       


Courier        tracked and insured 500 euro

UK                65 euro         4-5 days                

EU                40 euro         3-5 days

USA             130 euro       2-3 days

Australia       180 euro       3-4  days

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