Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Albacete Campaign – Day 6

Campaign Map on 13 September 1813
Suchet has two major concerns

First his lines of supply are under attack, and his army is running short of supplies
Second he is facing the main Spanish army and his own is too widespread

He orders 15th and 16th corps to join him at Hellin
But each will leave one infantry brigade to garrison Riopar and Elda

Despite the danger of active guerrilla bands he must move his supplies
The main depot at Albacete is ordered to send 4 days supplies to Hellin

Giron also has resupply problems
The Spanish are always short of supplies
This makes it difficult for them to concentrate to fight

Although he outnumbers 7th corps at Hellin, Giron delays an attack
He orders 3rd and 4th corps to join him south of Hellin
When his army is concentrated he will attack if the French do not do so first

5 militia (now guerrilla) brigade move towards Albacete
In doing so they find, and attack, the French supply column moving to Hellin.
They capture the supplies and the escort suffer 10% casualties

1 militia (now guerrilla) brigade continue their attack on Manzanares
They lose 30% casualties and are destroyed

3 militia (now guerrilla) brigade continue their attack on Almansa
The garrison hold, but lose 10% casualties.
Guerrilla out of supplies and retreat

Campaign Notes
Suchet is now aware that he is facing the concentrated Spanish army.
He is heavily outnumbered, and they clearly not going to attack him.
Reports arrive of guerrilla attacks on his rear bases
But worse of all he is running short of supplies

Despite the threat from the guerrillas he must move supplies south
He orders his main depot at Albacete to send a convoy to Hellin

He also orders15th and 16th corps to join 7th corps at Hellin
Each will leave one brigade at Riopar and Elda to collect supplies
His supply convoy is attacked and captured by a guerrilla brigade

To determine the outcome of the attack 1D6 is rolled

01       Guerrilla rout with 30% casualties
02       Guerrilla rout with 20% casualties
03       Guerrilla rout with 10% casualties
04       Guerrilla capture supplies, escort no casualties
05       Guerrilla capture supplies, escort 10% casualties
06       Guerrilla capture supplies, escort 20% casualties

The Spanish roll a dice and get a total of five
They have captured the convoy and routed the escort with 10% casualties

Suchet is now faced with two options – both bad
One he can retreat and abandon all the gains of his campaign to date
Two he can abandon his lines of supply and attack the much stronger Spanish army


  1. I'm catching back up on this campaign Paul. Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the French. A second-to-best roll by the guerrillas did not help!

  2. Hi James

    The guerrilla need to roll a good dice, but on the other hand there are a lot of them so they get a lot of rolls. However as in real life it is the threat, rather than what they achieve, that plays a large part in the campaign. With my French hat on I find myself constantly worrying about supplies, or rather lack of them. There are sufficient supplies, but they are mostly in the wrong place. Moving them, with the prospect of a guerrilla attack, is a constant problem.

    I am really pleased how well the simple rules for guerrilla and supply are working. Adds a lot to my enjoyment of the campaign




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