Saturday 9 December 2017

Spanish Campaign Army - Introduction

Campaign map of Europe

My 1813 campaign has five allied armies, one of which is Spanish.   They have proved the most difficult to fit into my campaign, and have changed the most due to play experience.   I thought it might be interesting for anyone contemplating a campaign in Spain to hear about my experiences.

It is important to understand that my campaign is fictional, and is designed to provide interesting battles to wargame.   The original background to the campaign was roughly historical, but has changed out of all recognition over the past nine years.
Campaign map of Spain

I wanted the Spanish Army to be able to hold their own against a French Army.   But at the same time I wanted the Spanish player to experience the same sort of tactical problems his historical counterpart would have had.

As the campaign is set in 1813 I felt it reasonable that the Spanish troops could be similar to the French.   By this time the best French troops had been removed from Spain and replaced by low quality conscripts and foreign allies.   On the other hand the Spanish commanders, assisted by Wellington, had started to learn from their earlier mistakes.  

Fifth French Army

There are two French, one Polish and one Italian corps.   In total there are 16 infantry brigades, 4 cavalry brigades and 4 corps artillery.   Half of the infantry are average and half conscript.   You will find a full order of battle at Label 51 here

Spanish Regular Army

There are four corps, but only two have cavalry.   In total there are 14 infantry brigades, 2 cavalry brigades and 4 corps artillery.   Four of the infantry are average and the rest conscript.   You will find the full order of battle at Label 52 here
In addition there are 9 militia brigades, who provide the garrison of the nine cities or towns in each campaign phase.  They do not come under the command of the Spanish CinC, and may not be moved from their town.  If the town is attacked by an enemy brigade they will fight.  If attacked by a corps they will leave the town without fighting and become a guerrilla band.  They may only operate close to their original town.   They have the same combat ability as a conscript brigade.  

So the Spanish have 23 infantry brigades against 16 French, two cavalry brigades against four and the same number of artillery.

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