Sunday 17 December 2017

Spanish Campaign Army – Basic Campaign

Tactical map for Linares Campaign

This is the tactical map for my current Spanish campaign.   The Spanish are yellow and the French blue.   The Spanish objective is to hold the city of Linares (centre bottom).   The French main depot is Probete (centre top) and their objective is to defeat the Spanish regular army and take Linares.

At the start of the campaign the French have one depot (Probete).   The Spanish have four, including the main depot at Linares.

There are Spanish militia brigades in 8 of the nine cities/towns.   Because Probete is occupied by the French, the garrison has left the town and become a guerrilla band (top right).

The French plan is to send two corps down the main road (red), engage any Spanish they find and take Linares.   A third corps will move through the mountains on the left, and a fourth on the right.   They will protect and support the main army as they move south.  

The Spanish plan is to avoid a formal battle as long as possible, and to rely on their guerrilla bands to disrupt the French communications and supplies.

Each French corps starts the campaign with four days supplies.   For each depot they hold they will collect one day’s supplies each campaign day.   If they have less than four depots Probete will receive the balance.  To resupply a corps must be within three squares of a depot, not moving and not in battle.   The French can move a maximum of four days supplies between depots each campaign day.

Each Spanish corps, and militia brigade, starts the campaign with three days supplies.   Supply rules are the same for the Spanish Regular Army.   A militia garrison will always supply.   A guerrilla band must be in a town or village to resupply.

So a French corps must either remain within three squares of Probete, or must establish depots as they advance.  To do so they must detach a full strength infantry brigade to become the garrison.  The garrison will forage sufficient supplies for one corps each campaign day.

A guerrilla band can attack an isolated garrison or a supply train.   To do so they must be in the adjacent square.   They may not attack either if there is a French corps within one square of the garrison or supply train.

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  1. Sorry for not commenting earlier, but Christmas, New Year, and a nasty case of cold/flu have rather got in the way.

    I am giving serious thought to adopting your style of campaigning for my long-planned-for-but-yet-to-happen Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War project. I need to play around with my tabletop rules to do so, but I don't think that the problems are insurmountable.

    Have a great 2018 (and play lots of wargames!).

    All the best,


  2. Hi Bob

    Thanks for your comments.

    We have just returned from the UK and Jan also had a bad cold over the Christmas and New Year. We have three young grandchildren so that is a real risk each time we visit.

    My campaign system would be easily adapted for any period, scale or rule set. If you need any help just let me know.

    best regards


  3. Paul,

    It sounds as if you had a great Christmas, even if Jan caught the dreaded cold. Mine you, I bet your glad to get back to Spain, where I gather the weather is better than it is in the UK.

    I've been looking at a number of different campaign systems, and yours seems to fit my requirements better than any others, it certainly seems to be generic enough to be adapted to the mid twentieth century,

    Thanks for your kind offer of assistance. If I need any advice etc., I'll be in contact.

    All the best,


  4. Hi Bob

    Its always good to get back to the UK and spend time with the grandchildren.
    But its also nice to get back to sunny spain
    After two weeks of grey skies and icy winds it was particularly good to have our first walk in the mountains for this year. 25c, sunny and clear blue skies. Such a contrast in just 48 hours!

    My campaign system is particularly suitable if your main interest is playing wargames. And your hex board system should suit the map grid system very well.




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