Saturday, 19 December 2015

1813 PBEM Campaign

It’s been a very quiet week for wargaming.

The PBEM campaign struggles on as we work our way through the campaign diary and the last few days of the campaign in southern Germany.   This is the only remaining phase of the campaign to be resolved.

There are two battles to be wargamed to decide whether the Austrian or Bavarian armies take and hold Stuttgart.   We have just finished the smaller of the two battles, but will not be able to make a start on the final wargame until after Christmas.

Then there is the campaign backlog to be posted on the campaign diary blog.   The blog is completed up to 31 March 1813, but there are still at least 15 entries to be completed and posted.   These include the summary of four campaign phases, plus four battle reports.  That lot will keep me busy up to the end of January.

Despite this outstanding administration the contribution of the players to the campaign has ended.  The last orders for the PBEM campaign have been received.   Only one final umpire report is outstanding. 

During the six years of the PBEM campaign I had to complete the administration of five campaign phases each week.  This involved orders from ten players each week.   Compiling and comparing five sets, one for each campaign area.   Resolving battles.   Writing umpire reports for each player.

So it is hardly surprising that my days seem very empty now.   There is still the outstanding administration to wind up the campaign, and that is preventing me from concentrating on the new solo campaign.  

All of the administration for the new solo campaign is done.   I have made the new maps, rewrote the orders of battle, and updated the background to the campaign.    But I do not want to start it until the current PBEM campaign is finished.

I had hoped to start the new solo campaign in January, but it now looks like it will be February.

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