Saturday, 7 March 2015

Wargame Building Project

Our latest addition is a series of town walls.   I made these, which explains why they look so practical and lack any artistic appeal.  But Jan found it all too boring, so it was either me or not at all

Our wargames scenery is designed to have three different sizes of build up area, all based on 8”x8” cloth squares to show the footprint.   One is a village or farm.   Two a small town.   Four a major city.   I also wanted to be able to use either walled or open towns, hence the walls.   This is for a two square town.

This is the four square city.   Due to Jans house building over the past year or so we now have more buildings than we really need.   Both for northern Europe and for Spain.   So as I make new maps for the campaign I include at least one city in each campaign area, plus eight towns and a similar number of villages or fortified farms


  1. Good looking walls - reminds me that I'm half way through doing some.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I did consider, briefly, making them more complicated. But I wanted them to be very practical, and capable of use as town or city walls.

    I could have included outworks, but it would have greatly increased the design of the walls.

    The campaign rules do not include siege, so the walls will only be decorative.

    I now have to redesign the campaign maps to decide how many town will be walled, and which ones.


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