Saturday 28 February 2015

1813 PBEM Campaign

Busy week working on the new campaign, and still quite a bit of work to do.

My first priority is to find a way of running both the exiting 1814 campaign and the new 1813 campaign at the same time.

At present three of the six 1814 campaigns phases has ended.   Only two of them will be transferred to the 1813 campaign, and at last the work is completed of the maps and orders of battle for the two to be transferred.

It is very difficult to run two different campaigns at the same time.  Particularly as they use a completely different administration system.   Also very confusing is that the same titles are used for the various Armies, though the orders of battle differ.

I started the Southern German phase of the 1813 campaign today.   This is set in the Danube valley and features the Third French v Austrian Army.   The French are actually Bavarian and Baden corps, which in the 1814 campaign were fighting against the French!

I think I can keep track of the two campaigns, though time will tell.   I can only spend so long trying to avoid problem areas.   No doubt they will all appear promptly now that I have started the new campaign.

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