Sunday 17 August 2014

Wargame Building Project

Jan was pleased to move on to Spanish buildings.   They offer more variety than those for France, and are more attractive looking.

We already have a large collection of Hovels Spanish buildings, but they are all quite large and take up too much space on the table.   So we wanted to create a range of our own buildings which we could use with them.    

The building on the right is Hovels, the other four are our own.    All four are town buildings, but ours are two stories high and Hovels three stories.   We could not recreate the Hovels balconies, so we used different designs to add variety.
We are experimenting with outside steps for the latest model, and this shows how we made them
This is the finish result, with a few models to show their comparative size.   We are very pleased with the look so far.


  1. Great work, they seem compatible with the Hovels!. How did you make the roof tiles?

  2. Hi Gozza

    Thanks. We based them on Hovels because we have quite a large collection but needed town houses and farms to allow more options.

    We bought a pack of coloured moulded corrougated card from a hobby shot in Newcastle, I think it was called Hobbycraft or similar.

    There are about six or eight different coloured sheets in each pack. I cut t strip and overlapped them from the bottom up. When the whole building is finished we undercoat and then paint with watercolours.




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