Tuesday, 19 March 2013

PBEM 1813 Linz Campaign

I am looking for volunteers to take on the role of corps commanders in the next phase of my 1813 PBEM campaign.

I have started a Campaign Diary Blog.   It contains a short history of the1813 campaign, and a summary of each phase.   It also contains an introduction to the Linz phase.    Once the campaign has started I will post an entry for each move three times a week.   Detailed battle reports are also posted.     You can find it here

This is a fun campaign, designed to produce wargames rather than to refight the historical campaign.  

It started as a solo campaign in 2009 and converted to PBEM in 2010.

It is fought as a series of mini campaigns, each lasting four to six months.

This is an Old School type of campaign.  No complicated computer system to master.   

Each corps commander is given an objective.    He then has to plan how to achieve it.   Each campaign day he writes orders for his two divisions.   Will they move, and if so where and in what order of march.   What will they do if they meet with the enemy.   Should they halt and resupply.   The player is faced with the same sort of problems faced by a historical commander,  and must make the same type of decisions.

At the end of each move he is sent an umpire report.  This is a map with his current deployment, and any enemy he has made contact with.  Each square on the map shows one square on the wargames table, so he can plan what type of terrain to use and fight on.    It also shows his order of battle and current strength.   Based on this information he writes simple orders for the next campaign day.

Minor skirmishes are decided by the umpire.  Major battles are fought by my wife and I.

The aim is to achieve one campaign day each week.    Corps commanders will have four days to write their orders.  If unable to do so they have only to let me know and I will make other arrangements.

If you would like to take part you will need to join the campaign forum.   I use this as a notice board for the campaign and a place where questions can be raised and comments posted.   You will find the forum here

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