Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blogger Problems

I have had a very frustrating week trying to sort out my blogs.

I noticed early in the week that the print size on my latest blog, the Linz campaign blog, is very small compared with the other three blogs I do.   Although I have been blogging for a few years I actually understand very little about how it works.   So I was very pleased to find that the Blogger Forum proved to be very  helpful.

To understand what I mean you should compare these two blogs:

Linz Campaign

Burgos Campaign – Oct 2012

Both blogs are typed using Arial font 12.  But on my monitor the first is much smaller than the second.   Even the headings are different sizes.

Having noticed the difference I did not, and indeed do not, know whether the problem is the Blog or my computer/monitor.  So I raised the subject of my Campaign forum and TMP, to ask if others found the same difference.

Some of the replies said they both looked ok.   Some said the first was smaller than the second, but still easy to read.

I posted the problem on the Blogger forum and received advice to check the Template to confirm that both showed the same print style and font size.   Both do.

Then I was advised that the problem might be typing the blog entry using Word, and then  pasting into the blog.  This is exactly what I have always done.  But I had done it on both blogs so why would one be larger than the other?   

Apparently the answer would be to copy all the entries, paste them in Notepad, copy them again and past them back into the blog.   

There are only about ten entries on the Linz campaign blog, but it took me all morning to carry out this exercise.   The end result looks much the same to me, but I am waiting for a reply from Blogger Forum to see what they think.

Perhaps the answer will be to just increase the font size.

This is the first time that I have typed an entry direct onto the blog.   I am using Arial and normal for the font size.  It looks ok as I type, but I will not know whether it works until I post the entry.

Next week I hope to get back to Wargaming! 

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