Friday, 11 January 2013

Slow start to the New Year

I had expected that by now I would be back into the campaign after my Christmas break.   But I brought a cold back with me, and it has knocked me back all week.   It must be something I caught on the plane, because I felt fine over the festive season.

So this has been another week without wargames or campaigns.

The campaign is very labour intensive, and after my long break I have to read myself back into it.   And this week I found it really hard to settle down to it.   I have finally sorted out the last set of orders I received before Christmas, and have written up the umpire reports.   This has brought the campaign up to date, but unfortunately no battles.

Hopefully the next set of orders will result in a battle.  

And hopefully I will manage to shrug off the effects of my cold and get back to normal.

At least I can suffer in the warm winter sunshine of Spain.

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