Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Difficult Week

The New Year has not gone well so far.

I returned from Christmas in the UK with a heavy cold, which I then passed on to Jan.  

Last Monday we were both feeling pretty rough, but we decided to join our walking group for a day’s walk in the local mountains.   It was not a particularly difficult walk, and we both felt it would do us both good to get out in the fresh air.   On the way back Jan fell and broke her wrist.

Both of us are retired, so we do not have to worry about work.   But it’s surprising how little you can do with only one hand.   Fortunately it was her left wrist that she broke, but even so I have had to take on a lot of household tasks which I have not been trained for!

Like many couple we both have our own tasks about the house.   Cooking is, and always has been, Jan’s domain.    As a result I am completely useless in the kitchen.   So this week has been a steep learning curve as prepare meals under very close supervision.

Many of our friends are also suffering from cold symptoms, and it appears that this year’s strain takes about three weeks to pass.   I am in my second week, Jan in her first.   So we have both been feeling a little sorry for ourselves, and not inclined to take on any unnecessary tasks.

However I have had to settle down to getting the campaign going again.   Fortunately I had done most of the paper work before Jan broke her wrist, so I have been able to update the map and send out the current umpire reports.  

We both miss our normal routine, in which the1813 PBEM campaign and the Campaigns of Napoleon play a large part.   We have not had a wargame since before Christmas and are both hoping that we can get one going this week.   I will have to move for both sides, but Jan can still command one of armies.

Fortunately the weather continues to be very mild here in Southern Spain, unlike poor old UK, so we can sit and read on our naya.   We have also been able to get to the coast for a walk and to meet friends, so we consider ourselves very lucky indeed.


  1. All of Beerstein wishes for a speedy recovery...

  2. Be careful, Jan will have you cooking the dinners all the time after this, best burn a few things and put a little too much salt in as well for good measure!
    Hope Jan's feeling better soon!

  3. I hope your wife's hand heals quickly and you are also able to get a game in.


  4. Thanks for your good wishes

    It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for Jans wrist to heal. But once the pain is under control we can have a wargame. I can measure and move her figures around.

    I have proved so pathetic in the kitchen, and require so much close supervision, that I am sure she will want to banish me again as soon as she can manage on her own. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.


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