Sunday, 11 November 2012

End of Piedmont Campaign

The first part of my Campaigns of Napoleon has drawn to an end after just eleven moves and two battles.

It followed the historical campaign in that Bonaparte attacked and destroyed Colli’s Sardinian army first, and then turned on the Austrian army of Beaulieu.

Because this is a fictional campaign the battles were not fought in the same locations.    But the general outline of the two campaigns were similar

This was a campaign I had read about, but did not really understand.   Having fought this campaign I feel I know it a little better.

We now move onto more familiar ground.

The Second Italian campaign will deal with the repeated Austrian attempts to raise the siege of Mantua.   Jan and I have spent two weeks at Lake Garda studying the campaign and walking the battlefields, so I know the campaign much better.

This might be a difficult campaign to refight as a fictional campaign.   It involved four separate attempts to raise the siege, each one countered by Bonaparte in a series of quite “near run” battles.   He won each battle, and consequently the campaign continued.   But had he lost one, the rest would not have followed.

I am not sure how to handle it if the Austrian’s do win one of the attempts.  They would then raise the siege of Mantua and any subsequent campaign would not have been fought around Lake Garda.

Let’s hope that my 28mm Bonaparte has the same run of victories.


  1. I'm hoping that the Austrians do achieve a victory so that we can see the 'where do I go from here'?

    Thank you very much for continuing to post on your campaigns - they provide constant inspiration to try and find something which will work for me.



  2. Hi John

    I am glad that you are enjoying the campaign.

    Keeping a blog of each of the campaigns is good for me. It provides a discipline knowing that I will have to post an update each week.

    The solo Campaigns of Napoleon has also prompted me to research some campaigns, such as Piedmont, which I have not really considered before.

    Your comment on "something that works" is interesting. I find that after each campaign I feel the need to change something. So I really believe that the best way to find something that works is to have a go at something which may not!



  3. Thank you - I fee genuinely inspired by that bit of advice!

  4. Hi John

    If you want to try something really easy, why not repeat my Piedmont campaign.

    Small area, you could use my map Small armies. You could use Austrians figures for both allies.

    Best bit of advice is keep it simple. Once you start it will soon fall into place. And if it doesn't you can always start again - providing you are not writing a blog about it at the same time!




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