Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tortosa Campaign ends in Allied Victory

After six months and 24 campaign moves the Tortosa campaign has ended in a convincing allied victory.

It may seem strange that the Spanish should beat the French in northeastern Spain.   But they did have the assistance of a British corps.   With this assistance the French were outnumbered five to four.   So perhaps it is not too surprising after all.

I am pleased with the way the campaign went.  Given the way both armies were handled I feel that this was the right outcome.   Throughout the campaign the French suffered from over confidence, and a failure to recognise when they were at a disadvantage.

The French lost a corps due to accepting a battle where they were outnumbered two to one, and then had to retreat away from their lines of communication and supply.   Eventually they were blocked by a third Spanish corps and surrendered.   The French Army never really recovered from this loss.

The Spanish were also quite slow to recognise when they held the advantage.  But eventually numbers told.

All of this speaks well for the fog of war, which I think worked well.   Its hard to get the balance right between sufficient intelligence to allow each corps commander to make informed decisions, but enough fog to make it difficult and challenging.

I have posted the final campaign summary on the Tortosa Campaign Diary Blog, which you will find here

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