Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Campaign Rules

I have completely rewritten the campaign rules to take account of play testing during the Tortosa campaign.

The previous 17 rules have been replaced by 12 new ones.

The main changes are as follows

Rule  01 – Daily Routine.  
Still three moves per day, but the corps commander only have to write orders once a day.

Rule 02 – Army Organisation
Complete rewrite
Figure scale 1 figures = 100 men
Each corps has three divisions of two infantry and one cavalry brigade
Each infantry brigade has two regiments of 8 figures each
Each cavalry brigade has two regiments of 4 figures each

Rule 03 – Role of CinC
Rule 04 – Role of Corps Commander
Unchanged except for write  orders once per day

Rule 05 – Corps Orders
Complete rewrite
Easier to write,  less detail required

Rule 06 – Messages

Rule 07 – Campaign Maps
New, explains maps used
Rule 08 – Map Movement
Complete rewrite
New movement rates for roads, off roads and difficult terrain

Rule 09 – Supplies
Complete rewrite
Each division will have three days supplies
Must be stationary and  within 15 miles  of depot to resupply

Rule 10 – Brigade Fighting Abilities
Minor changes

Rule 11 – Combat
Complete rewrite
All combats resolved by using wargame rules.

Rule 12 – Town Siege
Complete rewrite
Combat normally resolved by using wargame rules.
Only fortified towns use siege rules

You can  find the full campaign rules here

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