Sunday, 5 June 2011

Short and Sweet

Prussian collapse
The long awaited wargame with Paul did not live up to expectations!
We fought a game based on the recent campaign battle. We used the same existing casualties, which proved so entertaining for Jan and I, but this time did not work so well.
Because we had a busy weekend planned, including walking and a meal out, we only had a limited amount of time for the game. In the past this has meant that we were unable to finish the game. So a smaller game, and one starting with casualties on both sides, promised to finish quicker. As indeed it, only too much so.
As our rules rely heavily on dice, a bad run can have serious consequences. And that is exactly what happened. In less than two hours most of Paul’s corps had broken and were fleeing the battlefield.
And not only was it short, it was also not very enjoyable. There is no satisfaction in winning when it is due entirely to the luck of the dice.
Fortunately the following afternoon we got back from our walk earlier than expected, so we had time to set up another game. Same size, same table, but without the pre existing casualties. This one was much better. It’s always interesting to play against someone who is not used to the rules; it creates new tactics and puts a much needed stress on the rules. We again finished the game quite quickly, but this time it was much more enjoyable.
Neither game was one we will remember for years. But the second made up the disappointment of the first.
Next game will be back to the campaign, and none of them have disappointed - so far

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