Friday, 1 October 2010

Free Wargame Rules

Jan checks our blog counters most days, which I suppose is pretty sad. Even sadder is that she tells me what is currently popular, I check it out and feel quite pleased that someone is reading what I had posted!

Last Tuesday we were both amazed to find that our wargame rules blog had 288 hits the previous day. It usually has about 10 a week, so this was quite exceptional. Sometimes when I post something about the rules on this blog there will be an extra two or three hits - but 288 is something else.

Next day there were 219 hits, and I posted a query on the Wargame Rule blog to ask if anyone knew what had sparked the interest. I was quite surprised to hear that a link to the blog had been put on a site called "freewargamerules". I have a vague memory of hearing about a site for free wargame rules, but I had not bothered to put my poor attempts on there. Jan and I, plus our occasional wargame visitors, have had a lot of enjoyment with my rules. But I am quite sure that they are not main stream. For a start most wargamers seem to go for large battalions and would find my 8 figure brigades very strange indeed.

I dont know who put the rules on this site, but I am quite pleased that they have generated so much interest. Mind it is obviously fleeting interest. In less than a week there have been 1024 hits - but not a single comment. And the daily rate of hits is down below 20 now.

It is nice to think that so many have taken the trouble to read the rules, and it would be nicer still to think that some may have been interested enough to take on some of the ideas contained there. But it would have been even nicer still if at least one of them had left a comment.

Not that I really mind. I doubt that anyone writes a blog to receive a response, and if they do then they are probably disappointed. I think of it as being similar to writing a diary, but one that is open to one and all to read.

The discipline of writing a regular blog often prompts me to explore new concepts of wargaming. And once mentioned on the blog I feel an added responsibility to keep it going. Certainly my 1813 campaign owes a lot to that sense of responsibility. I am quite sure that were it not for the blog I would have changed the concept months ago. I am also quite sure that the campaign has benefited from this reluctance to change for the sake of change.

So thanks to each of those 1024 who took the trouble to read the Wargame Rules blog. I hope that you enjoyed it and that it has added in some little way to your enjoyment of this satisfying hobby. Shame it has been a one way experience.


Charles said...

I have visited your blog quite a number of times. I have looked at your rules and have even begun rebasing some of my older units to your organization. I too have been gaming for msny years. The units I am rebasing go back to my first set of wargames rules, Column, Line and Square by Fred Vietmeyer.
We have an active group of gamers where I live (Pensacola,Fla.) but I work so much that my free time seldom matches theirs. Most of my gaming is done solo.
I would like to thank you for your efforts and for sharing it with all of us other gamers.
Also, I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of your rules. My email is

Thank you Charles Grosskopf

thistlebarrow said...

Hi Charles

I have sent you a copy of the rules.

There is no need to rebase your figures. You should be able to use any bases with my rules. Just try them with the bases you have and let me know if you have any problems.

Thank you for your comments, its always nice to get feedback. And to be honest I enjoy writing the blog just as much as you enjoy reading it. I find that it keeps me disciplined in any task I take on, knowing that I will have to report on it eventually!

If you are playing solo I would strongly recommend that you start a solo campaign. It provides you with ready wargames, and means you do not have to be always trying to think up a scenario.

I am just starting a new PBEM campaign, and that will involve writing a new set of rules. I have asked for volunteers to take part and you would be very welcome. Just follow this link

best regards


Marc Storch said...

I have meant to post a comment for some time after reading your note regarding if anyone is really out there or not! I read your blogs quite often, enjoying them immensely. While I game using different rules, your concepts and methods are always of interest. More so I enjoy your memories and photos of battlefields visited. Makes me wish I had done more photography 20 years ago of American Civil War battlefields I visited since some have changed a great deal sadly. At the time it just wasn't a priority. Keep you the blogs and thanks for making my wife and I want to visit Spain some day!

thistlebarrow said...

Hi Marc

Thanks for your comments. I must have been feeling a little "down" when I wrote that!

I do enjoy writing the blogs, and its nice to know that you enjoy reading them. I think everyone would like more feedback, but its not in the nature of blogs. And the fact that so many take the trouble to read them speaks for itself.

I particularly like doing the blogs on Walking Napoleonic Battlefields. Its like looking back through old photo albumns, and it brings all the memories back. I just wish that I had a digital camera in those days, I would have taken dozens on each battlefield, not the four or five I actually did.

If you and your wife ever do visit Spain you must come and see us.