Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Update of Passau Campaign

Locations at start of Passau campaign

When I decided to replace the hand drawn maps on my 1813 campaign with ProFantasy maps I did not realise what a long job it would be. There are four mini campaigns, each with their own blog. I had used two types of hand drawn maps to illustrate the daily movement and the battles.

It has taken me a couple of months to replace the first three campaigns, and I have finally started on the fourth. I am please with the result, but not sure it was worth the effort of replacing them all.

ProFantasy has proved to be a really good investment. I spent hours making different maps, particularly with my latest project of setting up a PBEM campaign. I have done five different maps, and am not really satisfied with any of them. But the great advantage is that I dont have to start from scratch. The major towns and rivers do not change, and I have saved a master map with those details. So I only have to fiddle with the roads and hills to make a completely different map. Great fun!

Anyway I have started updating the Passau Campaign. If you would like to follow its progress you can find it at

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