Tuesday 25 May 2010

Short visit to Cadiz

On our recent visit to Seville we travelled by coach, and part of the package was a very short visit to Cadiz. In fact it was at the end of a day which included the Royal Spanish Horse Riding School at Jerez in the morning, and a visit to a wine and brandy Bodego after lunch. It was about 6.30pm when the coach arrived at Cadiz.

We had a tour of the city in the coach, which brought home to us how small the city is, and in particular how narrow. We were then dropped off in the main square of the old city with just one hour to explore on foot. The tourist information centre was close, and they provided us with a map and confirmed that we could reach the main part of the city walls still standing within five minutes.

The walls are in a good state of repair, and the casements seemed to be a military installation. Consequently it was not possible to climb and walk on the walls, but we could walk around them and take some photographs.

An hour is not enough to do justice to the city, but it did make us feel that it would be well worth a return visit using our own transport. There looked to be enough to spend a full day exploring the city, and of course the battlefield of Barossa is very close.

There are more photographs at



  1. Spent three days there in late 2008it's a great city to visit. A walk around the walls is a must as well as climbig to the top of one of the merchantss towers.


  2. Hi Will

    We certainly plan to return and spend enough time there to do it justice. I would also like to explore the Barrosa battlefield which is quite close.


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