Saturday, 22 May 2010

Passau Campaign Update

The battle of Branau was a limited victory for Archduke Charles. He attacked Branau with two corps to prevent Marshal Oudinot moving his 9th Bavarian corps south of the river Danube to join the main army. Although the Austrians took the town, they were unable to prevent the Bavarians joining forces.

After 24 moves Marshal Oudinot has finally managed to concentrate his four corps. He has been forced to withdraw towards Munich, but is faced with a problem in the Tyrol. If he orders 11th corps to withdraw in line with the rest of his army there is a real danger that the local population will join forces with the invading Austrian’s. He reluctantly orders them to hold the city and surrounding area until he can regroup the rest of his army in front of Munich and strike at the advancing Archduke Charles.

The campaign has lasted 12 weeks and provided three good wargames so far. Although the Bavarian/Baden army has had to give ground in order to concentrate, they are still capable of winning the campaign. The Austrian army has won all three battles to date, but has not been able to achieve a decisive victory.

I have posted an update on the blog each day for those 12 weeks, in the form of a diary. The aim is to provide a step by step guide to a campaign for future reference. There has been a lot of interest in our wargame “house rules” and I have also done a detailed entry for each move of each wargame, again as a reference.

The 1813 campaign has been running for 13 months, and so far has only covered four of the five campaign areas. It was a lot of work setting up the campaign, but has proved to be well worth the effort.


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