Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First battle of the 1813 Passau Campaign

First blood to the Austrian Army at the battle of Mattsee.

Archduke Charles has pushed ahead with two of his four corps. He has captured Altheim which has isolated 9 Bavarian corps at Passau. He has also occupied Mattsee which prevents any communication between Passau and Munich or Salzburg. However this has left his two leading corps dangerously exposed.

Marshal Oudinot is marching from Munich to crush the two advanced Austrian corps before the other two can arrive join them near Passau. As part of this plan he has ordered General Wrede to march north from Salzburg and engage General Klenau and his 2 Austrian corps at Mattsee.

This first battle of the campaign has resulted in a minor Austrian victory, and General Wrede has withdrawn to Salzburg.

Charles is not yet aware of the threat from Oudinot, but is about to receive reports both of the victory at Mattsee and of the approach of two Bavarian corps who are one days march from Altheim.

You can read the full battle report here:


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