Thursday, 10 December 2009

Battle of Zeitz

The latest battle in the Halle PBEM campaign is at Zeitz, a small village just south of Lutzen.

One of the problems with the campaign is that the battles, and therefore the wargames, are determined by the campaign timings. There are three moves in one campaign day, and the battle could start on any one of them, even the last. One campaign move is the same as four wargame moves. So if one were to start on the third move of a campaign day there would only be four wargame moves before nightfall.

Fortunately this one starts at midday, so there are eight wargame moves before nightfall. And reinforcements arrive for both sides after four wargame moves. I must confess that I would prefer a normal 12 move wargame, but these campaign games do have their own interesting twists.

For one thing the players have to make a decision about reinforcements before they know what the situation on the table will be when they arrive. This can lead to situations which I would never have considered when I was running my solo campaign.

--> If you would like to read the start of the latest battle you will find it at:

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