Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Campaign Objectives

Purpose of the campaign

The campaign is not meant to be a refight of an actual campaign using model soldiers.

There are two aims as follows:

First, to use all of the model soldiers in my collection. This consists of armies of each nation of the Napoleonic wars in 6mm, 15mm and 25mm. Therefore the campaign must be capable of using all three scales. It is expected that small battles will be fought in 25mm, larger ones in 15mm and the largest in 6mm.

Second, to provide tabletop battles which have a purpose and the results of which will affect the overall campaign. The campaign maps have been designed to be transferred to a 6’x 6’ table as described below. Each battle will be designed to provide a war game in which both sides have an equal chance of achieving their objective.

This is a developing campaign, and it is likely that there will be frequent changes due to game play experience.

Nations involved

The “French” include troops from the following countries:


The “allies” consists of:


Composition of armies

No attempt has been made to produce actual orders of battle (Orbats) from the period. Given the size of the war games table and the number of war game figures available, this would not be possible.

A battle will normally involve two armies each about 120 infantry, 16 cavalry and 4 guns. These are organised into four “corps”. Each corps will have approximately 32 infantry, 4 cavalry and 1 gun.

Each army is commanded by a CinC and four corps commanders. There are no division or brigade commanders shown on the table. Each “corps” will have 4 infantry brigades of 8 figures each. A cavalry brigade has 4 figures. An artillery battery has a gun and crew of 4.

The Campaign

The campaign will be fought in Germany and Spain.

One square on the strategic campaign map equals 10 x 10 miles, and will be one days march.

When two armies get within three days march of each other, the action will be transferred to a tactical map on which 3 x 3 squares represent 10 x 10 miles. This map consists of scenery which can be reproduced on the wargames table, and each table will be the same as one days march on the map.

There will be 5 campaign areas

3 in Germany
2 in Spain.

The War game
The wargame table has 9 scenic squares each 2 foot by 2 foot. Each table will have a town in the centre square, and each square will have an objective, either a town, farm, woods, hill or bridge. The side which controls the most objectives at the end of the game will be the winner. If both sides are equal the winner will be the one with least casualties.

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