Sunday 3 March 2024

Wismar Campaign – Day 2

Campaign Map

Prussians advance to border
Battle of Boltenhagen

1st Prussian Army – battle of Boltenhagen
2nd Prussian Army – advance to border
3rd Prussian Army – retreat to Ludwigslust

3rd French Army – attack Boltenhagen
1st French Army – hold Wittingen
2nd French Army – occupy Hagenow

Battle of Boltenwagen

The battle opened with the Prussian army dispersed. 2nd corps was deployed on the border, with 1st and 3rd corps three hours behind them either side of the town.

The French were concentrated, and would arrive on the table at the start of move one. It appeared that they had a distinct advantage.

On move one both armies advanced, the Prussians eager to occupy the hill on their left and the woods on their right. The French wanted to get their guns into position before the Prussians would deploy.

The Prussians took first casualties, when a landwehr brigade in the centre was hit by artillery fire. They passed their morale test and held their ground. On the right French cuirassiers charged Prussian hussars, the hussars won.

On the left Polish lancers charged Prussian hussars on the hill. Again the Prussians won, again the French retreated shaken. Meanwhile both 7th and 8th corps artillery received casualties. 7th passed their morale, 8th retreated shaken

On the right 7th cuirassier rallied and charged the Prussian hussars again. There was a prolonged melee, which ended with both brigades retreating shaken with 30% casualties

The Prussians withdrew closer to the town, and out of artillery range. The French had lost too many cavalry and gunners to continue the attack. They allowed the Prussians to redeploy and accepted defeat.


By the end of move 6, just half way through the game, it was clear that the Prussians had won the battle. The French had lost 4 cavalry and 2 gunners (600 casualties) to the Prussian 3 cavalry and 2 infantry (1100 casualties)

Each army has lost 30% cavalry casualties in melee, leaving both brigades completely broken. However the French has also lost 10% in a second cavalry brigade and the same in two of their three corps artillery.

First Prussian Army now had considerable advantage in both cavalry and artillery, and would continue to do so for the remainder of the campaign. They were allowed to retire out of artillery range, but still in front of the town. The French could not continue to attack when outnumbered in cavalry and gunners, even if there was still time left to do so.

An interesting start to the campaign, with one battle won to each side. But the one sided cavalry and artillery losses to the French would be very difficult to overcome for the duration of the campaign.


  1. Thistlebarrow,

    A very interesting battle and not the result I would have predicted.

    The Prussians now seem to be in a stronger position to see off further French attacks, but I somehow suspect that the French will not want to leave the initiative with the Prusssians.

    I look forward to seeing what happens next.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Bob

    When you play against the same opponent all of the time you are always looking for a new tactic that will work. My standard game plan is to get my artillery into position to fire on her infantry, whilst keeping mine out of range of her guns. The disadvantage of this plan is that I have limited time before I launch my attack. If I leave it too late I do not have time to take the objective.

    Jan has found that if she times a withdrawal right she can avoid casaulties, and I can't pursue quickly enough to redeploy and attack before nightfall.

    I am pondering how to overcome this tactic




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