Saturday 25 March 2023

Merida Campaign Day 6

14 June 1813 – Southern Spain – Day 6


Siege of Adjucen day 2

14th French army attack Merida


In the north 38th and 39th French corps retreat to Santa Amalia to resupply

1st guerrilla attack Bargas, garrison rout with 20%, supplies lost

2nd guerrilla attack convoy to Tomjos, lose 10% and rout, supplies delivered


In the centre 14th French army attack Merida

3rd guerrilla attack Toledo, fail and retreat with casualties

4th guerrilla attack convoy near Albareal, lose 10% and rout, supplies delivered


In the south 15th French army rally, regroup and resupply after battle of Calamonte

3rd Spanish army regroup in and around Calamonte

6th guerrilla attack Guadamur, fail and rout with 10% casualties






This is crunch day for the French.


All nine corps are running short of supplies, many with just one day left.

If they run out of supplies they will start to lose attrition casualties at the rate of one per corps per day


In addition both the French and Spanish troops are tired and in desperate need of rest and reinforcements

By nightfall they will have fought six major battles in six days.  


The battle of Merida is their last chance to crush the Spanish army and take the campaign objective

The loss of Merida and its supply depot will force the Spanish army to retreat west.

However if they hold Merida their lines of supply are secured

It will be the French who are forced to retreat.


The daily guerrilla activity is also having a serious effect on French morale

Once more they have captured Bargas and its supplies

The garrison have now lost 20% casualties, and been forced to rout twice

Even when the French reoccupy the town, as they must, they will have to detach another brigade from their field force


Both sides are aware of the importance of Merida

Both will fight hard to occupy the town and thus win the campaign.


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