Saturday, 30 October 2021

Napoleonic AB figures for sale – French Imperial Garde

Complete French Guard Collection

Guard Chasseur and Guard Grenadier brigades

Guard Artillery - guns not included

Guard Grenadier brigades

Guard Chasseur brigades

Guard Tirailleur brigades

Guard Voltiguer brigades

Napoleon, escort and guard generals


These figures are organised and based for use with my 1813 Napoleonic campaign.  

Infantry are organised in brigades of eight figures

Artillery are organised in batteries of four figures

Cavalry are organised in brigades of four figures

Figures by type

12 generals

8 gunners

4 horse chasseurs

4 horse grenadiers

32 grenadier infantry  

32 chasseur infantry

32 tirailleur infantry

32 voltiguer infantry

Total figures

generals        12

infantry         128 

cavalry          8

gunners        8

mounted       20

foot               136


Guns are not included.   

This is because there are only sufficient guns for use with the campaign order of battle.   There are 16 guns painted to represent all national corps.    See vehicle blog for more details.

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