Sunday, 4 April 2021

New Order of Battle

The new 6 corps armies have worked so well in the Valladolid campaign that I have decided to replace the previous 4 corps permanently.   Consequently I have rewritten the orders of battle for all ten armies, and photographed the new 6 corps armies.

Each of the previous ten armies are now army groups, though this is not a recognised Napoleonic formation.   So instead they will be called “French Army of North Germany” for example.  

Each army group will consist of three armies, each of two corps.   The next campaign phase will be set in southern Germany.   The two army groups are:

7th Bavarian Army.

9th Bavarian corps

10th Bavarian corps

8th Bavarian Army

11th Bavarian corps

12th Baden corps


9th French Army

17th French corps

18th French corps

1st Austrian Army

1st Austrian corps

2nd Austrian corps

2nd Austrian Army

3rd Austrian corps

4th Austrian corps

3rd Austrian Army

5th Austrian corps

6th Austrian corps

If you would like more information you will find the full order of battle, plus photographs, of all ten armies on the Campaign Diary Blog here

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